Operating with confidence. Autonomously.

AI-powered navigation for aerial, surface and subsurface vehicles operating in GPS-compromised environments


BavovnaAI’s first implementation

UADefender-001, a multi-purpose, all-weather intelligence VTOL by RadioBird.tech

Scope of IP

Green 3D Line Sphere Neon Tech Pattern

AI-enhanced inertial autonomous navigation

Bavovna AI-enhanced inertial navigation autonomously maintains trajectory without reliance on GPS, RC, or maps

Purple Wavy Line Grid Neon Tech Pattern

AI-powered RF environment scanning

Bavovna AI-powered RF scanning system detects and tracks EW sources while in radio silence mode

Blue Mesh Cone Cylinder Forming Waves Neon Tech Pattern

AI-powered RTH for safe operation under EW

Bavovna AI-powered solution allows Return-to-Home under various EW threats of a rapidly changing landscape

Be part of AI-powered navigation tech without overestimated satellites

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